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Ajorí is unable to be mass produced by our artisans and the stock is limited in quantity.

If you see "Sold Out", you might be able to Pre-Order it from the next run, by sending us an email at shop@photoalquimia.com


More info and images at http://www.photoalquimia.com/ajori.html

Video of the creative process of prototype


  • Selected as a Good Practice 2015 by International Design For All Foundation Awards, in “Spaces, products and services already in use” category. Barcelona, SPAIN. 2015.
  • Golden A’ Design Award Winner in “Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design” category, 2014 - 2015. Milan, ITALY. April, 2015.
  • First Prize Winner Crafts of Castilla la Mancha Awards, in “Design Applied to the Crafts” category. SPAIN. April, 2011. 


  • Ceramic. Porcelain 1400º off-white colour.
  • Glass. Anti-drip cannulas hand carved in borosilicate glass, green and topaz color.
  • Wood. Wooden handle hand-carved in beechwood. Anti-stain treatment, touch of wood.
  • Platinum silicone. Plugs and gaskets.
  • Eco-Packaging for Gift. Handmade gift box with 100% recycled cardboard. Serigraphic printing.

In case any of the pieces of the set breaks accidentally, don´t let your Ajorí be incomplete. We can provide and ship any spare parts you may need!


  • Piece: 170 mm (max) x 230 mm (H)
  • Gift Packaging: 185 mm, 265 mm (H)
  • Shipping package: 220 mm x 220 mm x 290 mm (H)
  • Weight of shipping package: 1,8 Kg


    • 1 Ajorí dressed as a garlic + user’s manual for use, with a seal of unique serial number.

    More info and images at http://www.photoalquimia.com/ajori.html

    Ajorí is a creative solution for organize and store seasonings, spices and various culinary condiments, inspired by the elegant form of the bulb of garlic. This kitchen accessory holds six containers, designed to contain different products used for the seasoning of several dishes, adapting to the different culinary traditions of each country.

    The packaging is inspired by the skin of garlic and only natural and biodegradable materials are used for manufacturing. This box is made by hand, entirely of cardboard and recycled paper, making it a singular example of eco-packaging respectful with the environment.